That is a very good question.  Just when you decided to GOT FOR IT, you can expect something to happen.  The best way to explain it is think of a small crack in a window or mirror.  Every time someone walks pass it, the wind blows, someone looks at it or nothing at all the crack enlarges.  Well, that’s what happen.  This thing called STOP.  When you are truly doing what the Lord has told you to do you’re excited……note: don’t expect others to be.  Especially don’t expect the enemy to be.  With everything “in the beginning GOD”.  In all things I have been allowed to acquire a little more understanding of next week’s lesson: without form, void and darkness was upon the face of the deep (whew).  What I’ve learned: stay clam “in the beginning GOD”, from last weeks lesson THERE’S NOTHING HE DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT AND HAS NOT GIVEN YOU THE VICTORY IN.

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day 1

well my friends, what can i say it’s after midnight and as promised here is day 1 of looking at life through “in the beginning”

  • The Lord woke me up early, I guess He said ok get up and spend time with me then, so I did (I was really sleepy)
  • My day moved pretty fast (the Lord is so gracious).
  • I reached out to the people He impressed upon me to with some success
  • The Lord gave me something else to do by way of a coworker (all I could do was laugh)

What I should not have done

  • I’ve learned people like wrong or misinformation (note to self: even when asked , asked the Lord do I share do I not) I didn’t, I should have 🙁

My finding…

  • In the beginning God created.  He created me and the world in which I live.  He created the host of people and things that surround me.  He speaks, reveals, and shows He is still evermore working it out for our good.  He uses all that He has created to get our attention and draw us into a closer relationship with Him.  My senses were aware of past missed sights, sounds and smells.  AMAZING
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progress with purpose

progress with purpose


Well, first things first…..Hi (whew).  This has certainly been a learning experience.  I knew the vision the Lord had given me but I didn’t know where to begin.  I know you know this, but I have to say it GOD IS FAITHFUL.  He spoke to me “research it like you research everything else”, and that’s just what I begin to do.

Hours and hours of research, little by little, baby steps it began to make sense to me.  Truly God became Jehovah-Shalom (The Lord Our Peace) Judges 6:24.  For sure I needed it, researching + peace; learning, trying, evaluating + peace; undoing, redoing, trying, failing + peace; questioning myself, going back in prayer asking Lord did you tell me to do this + peace.  You guessed it He continues to fortify and surround me with peace all the while making it possible to move forward.

In 2015 I had the privilege to attend a play which my oldest daughter wrote, produced and directed.  The actors were people from her church, truly in character.  The graphics, voice overs, sounds (thunder, lighting, hospital sounds, machines etc) were all done by her husband, my son in law.  It was here I first hear the song Intentional by Travis Green.  Immediately I knew that was going to be my go to word for 2016 intentional-doing things with purpose on purpose.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the bible study tab please do so.  We are studying Genesis 1:1-4.  Our focus point for the upcoming week is simply “In the beginning God”.  Stay tune, each day there will be a post of the day’s events as I look at each “whatever comes” from a place of God first.  I know right, because sometimes we just do things with our time, energy and money.  We get in our emotions, we promise things without seeking and  without asking Him what he wants.  Just thinking God told me that once concerning my son “I’m trying to do a work in him and you keep getting in the way”.

Well, thanks for hanging out with me.  It’s back to research, reading etc…… See ya tomorrow 🙂

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